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The Good Cracks

I recently stumbled upon this interesting article.  It tells a story of our teeth are constructed so well, top researchers are now discovering how the same micro-construction concept can be used in aviation!  I find this truly amazing and have since been doing my own research…

It seems our teeth are incredible components – certainly mine have been subject to the odd crunch on a few cherry-pips and the like in their time(!) and somehow they withstand a life-times worth of chewing and grinding, biting and munching!  It got me thinking though, if these micro-cracks are true to the success of teeth, could they also be their downfall?  – Apparently, only if they are not given their daily dose of tender loving care…

When these cracks are subject to a barrage of the same aforementioned fizzy/sugary drinks and other refined sugar madness, bacteria can attack your teeth directly and things can take a turn for the worst!  I guess this is just another testament to how tough our tender teeth are – yet how delicate they can be given the wrong conditions.

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