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A Breath Of Fresh Air

Let’s be honest, even without the onion and garlic consumption only usually found in middle-Mediterranea, we all suffer from bad breath at some point and although there are plenty of ways to get rid of it – mouthwash, mints and even milk among the most common – but how about preventing it?

The best way to do so is pure and simple dental hygiene!  Halitosis, as bad breath is known in the dental world, is basically the breeding of bacteria in your mouth.  Bacteria spread FAST and in no time at all after you have brushed, flossed and rinsed with mouthwash will they be back to their smelly ways.

The tongue is a part of oral hygiene that is often overlooked however, it can hide some of the most offensive smells.  You see, your tongue is covered in millions of tiny filaments that harbor food particles and bacteria as if it was their second home.  The secret’s now out that the most simple way to overcome this is to brush you tongue(!) – many toothbrushes now even come with a tongue-brush on their reverse side.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, then don’t fret; you probably just skipped your last toothy grinned examination!  The body is a finely tuned machine; if something is wrong, it will let you know in the most polite way possible and in some cases, a bout of bad breath can mean the beginnings of a cavity, broken filling or maybe an infection.

Do check it out.  Masking potential problems can often lead to more serious issues down the line; so get things sorted, then begin the prevention process with Time!

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