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Friendly Bacteria, Tremendous Toxins

There are enough Yakult lovers out there for you to hear all about the great things that friendly bacteria has done, and to be fair, fermented milk is far from the only good-thinking, good-doing, piece of earthy biomass out there.

Take Botulinum Toxin for example first used nearly 30 years ago, this ‘friendly’ toxin has helped people with muscle spasms and upper motor neuron syndrome for years.  Since then, Botulinum Toxin – commonly known as its brand name; Botox – has been used as a much, much simpler version of cosmetic surgery… so simple in fact, it doesn’t even require surgery!

A minute quantity is all that’s needed to relax the facial muscles that otherwise create wrinkle lines… lines that are caused by overactive muscle movement – a lifetimes worth if you like – wearing away the collagen in the skin.  The procedure is beyond safe and best of all, it takes no time at all however, be prepared to make a return visit once every three months or so, as your body will very gradually break it down.

Botox has become widespread as people quickly cottoned on to how easy a procedure it is.  And with many celebrities tagging it as less intrusive and less artificial than types of plastic surgery, it was destined to hit the big time.  I bet it’s more widespread than you think too… yet so subtle unless you’re with someone day-in day-out you’d barely even notice!

…And who ever said toxins were harmful!?!

TD.  x

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