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Spaces To Fill?

Gaps especially at the front of the mouth can look very unsightly, especially if food is also getting trapped in between them. Going for a meal in a restaurant could be an embarrassing experience!  Food traps can also result in stagnation of bacteria in the mouth and cause tooth decay.  The case above shows a space between the two front teeth.  A really quick way of making them look better as well stopping food trapping is to provide porcelain veneers. 

Porcelain veneers are thin pieces of ceramic that are bonded onto the front surface of your tooth.  The veneers once bonded on are very strong and will last many years as long as they are cared for in the correct way.  Veneers can be used to lighten your teeth and change the shape of them to make them look better.

“One of our clients was unhappy with the colour of his teeth and of the gap in between them. So we carried out tooth whitening and placed four ceramic veneers to close the spaces”, says Dr Rashid of Time Dental, “we have master ceramists to handcraft bespoke individual veneers that are tailor-made for each individual tooth.  The detail that goes into creating these veneers is amazing!  This is why they look so life-like”.

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