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Broken Crowns In Fleet

A guest came to see us at Time Dental as they had broken their crowns and the metal was showing through.

During our conversation the lady had very big chewing muscles particularly by the jaw line.  She tells me that she used to suffer from anxiety and had a history of clenching her teeth together.  When inspecting her back teeth, she had indeed broken the porcelain off her back crowns which exposed the underlying metal sub structure which made the teeth look terrrible!

There are generally three types of crowns; gold, metal-ceramic and all-ceramic.  Gold is a metal that is time proven and has been around for a number of years, however due to the unaesthetic qualities it is not always a popular choice.  Metal ceramic crowns are tooth coloured but have a metal sub structure.  These types of crowns are the traditional types and have also been around for many years.  The newer crowns are the all-ceramic.  The are metal-free and are completely tooth coloured.  They are extremely strong and some types can even be bonded to the tooth for added strength.

After discussing the options with our guest, she opted for the all-ceramic crowns due to the strength and aesthetics.  We also discussed the use of a splint to help reduce the stress on her teeth at night time.  This would help protect her crowns as well as reduce muscle stress.

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