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Chipped Crowns In Fleet

If you have a very strong bite and grind your teeth you are very likely to chip the porcelain off your crowns.  This was the case for a client at Time Dental.  She was also very nervous about having impresions taken of her mouth as they made her gag.

On assessing her chewing muscles and her teeth, we found that she indeed used to grind and clench her teeth as she suffered from anxiety.  This left her exixting crowns under enormous amounts of pressure.  Did you know that if you clench or grind your teeth you can put up to ten times more pressure on your teeth than someone who doesn’t do it?  That’s a huge force.  This had resulted in the porcelain on her crowns chipping off exposing the metal under her crowns.  This meant that not only did the crowns look ugly, but her chewing function is reduced meaning that she would not be able to chew her food properly.

We decided to replace the existing crowns with stronger porecelain crowns which are are able to withstand much more force than the traditional metal ceramic crowns.  However we had to also get her over the gag reflex which she was worried about.  Dr Rashid talked her through her anxiety and pin pointed what it was that actually bothered her.  After running through breathing exercises and how to control the reflex the client was over the moon after we had taken the impressions so quickly and without her feeling worried.  Now that was one happy client!

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