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Crooked Teeth In Fleet

Having crooked teeth can be a real problem.  It can have a massive effect on your confidence when in social or work situations.

A client came to Time Dental and had been unhappy about his smile for 10 years!  His front teeth were crooked at the top and bottom.  He said he never smiled in photos and people thought that he wasnt a very happy person.  He told us that if he could smile properly again he would be so happy.

There are a number of treatment options to deal with this problem.  One option is to veneer the teeth. These are thin porcelain laminate shavings that are bespoke for each individual tooth.  They can be used to help correct colour, shape, size and position of teeth. 

Another option isto move the teeth into postion using orthodontics.  They can be in the form of traditional metal “train-tracks”, they can use white brackets, or even clear aligners.  This type of treatment can take 1-2 years. 

If the front teeth are the only problem, the new Inman aligner is another solution.  It is a removable brace that uses gentle constant pressure on the teeth to push them into place.  This can take between 8-20 weeks!  The advantage is that is is cheaper than the other types of orthodontic options, faster and it can be taken out if you have an important function to go to.

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