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Fillings And Onlays In Farnborough

Did you know that you have more than one option to restore your tooth when it’s decayed?

When cavities are small to medium sized a tooth coloured composite filling is perfect.  They are placed into the tooth once the decay has been removed.  When placed they look just like natural teeth unlike mercury metal fillings.

When the cavities are larger one option could be to use composite white fillings however they may last you only a few years as the stress on the tooth when chewing can be too great for the filling to last. 

Another option could be an inlay or if it covers a cusp an onlay.  Inlays and onlays are normally recommended when the cavity becomes so large that the cusps of the teeth are at risk of breaking.  Inlays/ onlays are laboratory made, your tooth is initially prepared and impressions are taken.  These impressions are made into models and the inlays are made on these models.  They can be made of resin, ceramic or gold.

Ceramic inlays are very popular as they are the strongest material and they look just like your normal tooth.  They also last much longer than direct composite fillings.

When replacing old mercury fillings it is common to find cracks within the tooth, so inlays / onlays are perfect for bringing the strength of your tooth back.  They require less preparation than crowns, so you’re preserving as much tooth as possible.

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