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Whiter Teeth In Fleet

A client came to us and was unhappy with the colour of her teeth.  They were all nice and straight but were very discoloured.  We found out that she drank alot of black coffee and tea.  One of the top things that people would love to improve about their smile is the colour.  They also tell me that they dont want super white teeth but a nautral freshness.

Tooth whitening is the simplest way of improving the colour of your teeth.  In general you can achieve up to eight shades lighter with the current professional tooth whitening systems.  There are two main types; professional teeth whitening and the in-office tooth whitening system.

The professional tooth whitening system involves taking impressions of your teeth and fabricating custom fitting trays.  These trays are then loaded with the whitening gel and placed in the mouth.  We use a gel that only needs to be placed in the mouth for 30 minutes per session.  The professional systems take approximately 10-14 sessions for a good result.

The in-office system involves a much higher concentration of gel and this will be applied to your teeth by your dentist.  This is normally left in place for 1 hour, and will boost the shade of your teeth straight away.  Some systems use a “laser” which is a high intensity light source to activate the gel, and other systems are chemically activated and do not require a light source.  The best result when using the in-office system is to also combine it with the professional tooth whitening kit.

Tooth whitening is a safe way of improving the colour of your teeth, some people can have transient sensitivity during or for 24 hours after the whitening session.  This is normal and only temporary.  Teeth can also differ in response to the whitening gel.  Some specific staining like tetracycline staining will take much longer to achieve a reasonable result.  There will also be a saturation point for your teeth, where they will just not whiten any further.

Before carrying out tooth whitening, make sure you have your gums and teeth assessed by a dentist to make sure you are suitable.  Always use the professional systems from your dentist and not the over-the-counter products as they often contain a higher acid content and can cause damage to your teeth and gums.

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