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Tooth Ache In Fleet

A patient came to see us having severe toothache which was keeping her awake at night.  On chatting with the patient she had not been to see a dentist for two years and did not feel the need as she was not having any pain from them until recently and she was off to France the next day.

This is the common thinking of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” syndrome, however if you leave dental problems until you start to feel pain the treatment is often more complex than if it was caught earlier.   The question is how do you know a problem is there if you cant feel it?  Dental pain can often be associated when there is a deep underlying problem, but that problem may have started months ago without you realising it!  Once the pain has started it may require more complex treatment in order to save the tooth when it could have been prevented months ago.

What can be done about something you are not aware about?  That’s easy.  See your dentist for regular health examinations.

It’s as simple as that.  When you see us at Time Dental, not only will we assess the health of your teeth, but we will also assess the health of your gums, jaw joint, chewing muscles and carry out an oral cancer screening.  We also take digital photographs of your mouth and teeth so that you can see everything in close up.  This allows you to see what we see and gain a further understanding of your dental health.  It’s a real eye opener!

At Time Dental our aim is preventative dentistry.  We want you to be confident in smiling and confident in knowing your dental health is in top condition.  This means giving you the most up-to-date dental health care techniques and skills and catching things early so they don’t spiral out of control.

What happened to our lady with the toothache?  She required root canal therapy to get rid of the toothache so she could enjoy her holiday.  All of which could have been prevented. 

So call us for a comprehensive examination and see how we can give you confidence in your dental health on 01252 723 008.

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