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Wisdom Teeth In Fleet

A client came to see us with wisdom tooth ache.  They had been hurting on and off for the last year and at one point she could not even open her mouth properly.

She had heard about Time Dental and how gentle we were so she gave us a call to see how we could help her.  We like to see ourselves as an approachable, professional team.  We invited her for a comprehensive examination where we assessed her teeth, gums, chewing muscles and jaw joint.  We took the necessary x-rays and some clinical photographs so that we could show her what was going on in her mouth.

We found that her wisdom teeth were coming through in the wrong direction and therefore made it difficult for her to keep them clean.  Her descision was to remove the teeth to help her keep her mouth in a good condition.

This was carried by Dr Rashid after ensuring she was completely comfortable.  “We understand that having your wisdom teeth taken out is not the most pleasant thing to have done, thats why we try to ensure that the patient is completley at ease during the procedure by having soothing music in the background and other creature comforts.” says Dr Rashid, “our approach is to provide gentle dentistry as many people find it quite daunting!”

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