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Tooth Whitening At A Farnham Dentist

A client came to see us having had root canal therapy on three front teeth in the past and one of them had started to severely discolour.  As youcan imagine this was causing her quite some distress as her job entailed meeting potential new clients everyday and so she had become very conscious of the darker tooth.

It is quite common for a tooth to darken after root canal therapy as the tooth is dead.  There are a number of options that can help to address the problem.  One option could be to crown the tooth with a porcelain crown.  This will encompass the tooth entirely giving it strength as well as look very natural.  Another option could be to place a porcelain veneer on the tooth, which is a much more minimal preparation on the tooth.  Another option could be to whiten the tooth from inside and outside the tooth.  This is the least invasive option and you can achieve some stunning results.

After discussing the above options she decided to choose the internal and external tooth whitening procedure.  This involved taking impressions of her teeth to make custom fit whitening trays and then showing her how to carefully place the gel in the tooth as well as on the outside of it.  She was very happy with the results.

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