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White Composite Fillings In Fleet

A client came  to Time Dental having not been to a dentist in seven years!  It wasn’t because he had a fear of dentists, it was simply because he had no pain so he thought everything was ok and he wanted to improve his smile because it had discoloured.  He smoked about 20 cigarettes a day and brushed his teeth only once a day which would have contributed to the discolouration.

On assessing his mouth and taking close-up photos to show him what was acutally going on in his mouth, we discovered that he had multiple areas of tooth decay, gum disease as well as the discolouration.  Many people feel that if they have no pain then their mouth is okay and they don’t need to see a dentist.  Your body does not work that way.  You may still have underlying problems even if you have no symptoms. That’s why it’s so important to visit your dentist regularly so that the can give the best advice.

After showing him his photos he was very keen on getting his mouth healthy as soon as possible.  This would involve removing the active decay and placing white composite fillings.  This would make his mouth healthy so that he would have no future pain from them as well as look great.  Much of his discolouration was due to decay happening at the gum line of his upper front teeth.

Visiting the hygienist would also dramatically improve his gum health, although smoking is still going to have a negative impact on his dental health.  There is a link between smoking and gum disease as well as oral cancer, so smoking 20 a day is certainly not going to help.  Quiting smoking will not only improve his dental health and freshen his breath but it will also improve his general health.

He is certainly motivated now and thats a really postive result after not having been in such a long time.

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