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Dark teeth in Farnham

A client came to see us recently who was unhappy with the colour of two of her front teeth.  She had them crowned a number of years ago and had recently had a course of tooth whitening which resulted in mismatching teeth colour.  Although she was very happy with the tooth whitening result, the crowns were now darker than the rest of her teeth and she still didn’t want to show her teeth when smiling.  If you whiten your teeth white fillings and crowns will stay the same shade but the natural teeth will whiten.  So if you have white fillings or crowns at the front of the mouth be prepared to have these replaced to match the lighter teeth!

On closer inspection the two crowns were certainly darker than the rest of the natural teeth.  The crowns were also made of metal-ceramic which resulted in a bluish line around the gum line of the crowns.  This is very common to see as this is the metal showing through.  The crowns were also different lengths and were not symmetrical in shape.

We discussed the different options for replacing the crowns.  As she had an aesthetic issue due to the metal ceramic crowns we decided to go for the All-ceramic tooth coloured crowns which are the strongest and best in aesthetics.  We also designed the teeth to look symmetrical in shape.

Now she can be confident in showing off her teeth when smiling.  That’s one happy client.

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