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A client came to see us who was unhappy with two bridges in his mouth which had come loose and he also had a space in between his upper two front teeth.  He had lost confidence when smiling as he thought that his bridges would fall out at anytime and the gap between his two front teeth had always bothered him and he was becoming more and more self conscious about it.

When teeth are missing there are generally two fixed options in replacing the missing teeth.  One is a bridge and the other is a dental implant. 

Bridges are an excellent way of replacing missing teeth.  They use the teeth on either side of the gap to support the missing teeth.  There are different types of bridges which are also made of different materials.  Your dentist should give you your different options and advise which would be best suited for you.

Dental implants replace the root of missing teeth with a titanium root.  A crown is then attached to the implant to restore your bite.  Some implants can have a tooth attached immediately, and others may require a period of months to allow the implant to integrate with your bone.  A big advantage with implants is that you are only replacing what is missing and the teeth adjacent to the gap remain untouched.  They have very high success rates and are placed routinely.

Smaller gaps between upper front teeth have different treatment options.  One option can be to close the spaces using orthodontic braces.  Another option could be to use composite bonding, and another option could be to veneer the teeth. 

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