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Tooth Whitening In Farnham

A client came to see us at Time Dental looking to improve his smile.  His main concern was his discoloured teeth and also the brown spots which were on them.  He said he had not been to see a dentist in about seven years.

On further discussion he told me that he smoked 20 cigarettes a day and drank lots of red wine.  It was easy to see why his teeth were so discoloured!  As well as the major general health and dental health risks associated with smoking it can cause heavy staining on your teeth.

On closer inspection the brown spots on the teeth were not only from smoking but also from tooth decay.  We discussed his aesthetic concerns and how we could improve the colour of his teeth by professional tooth whitening, but he would be putting the staining back on his teeth if he didn’t cut down or better still quit his smoking.

The first steps were to get his mouth into a healthy condition.  He had multiple areas of tooth decay which we had to remove and fill with white composite fillings.  This had an immediate impact on the look of his teeth as he now no longer had unsightly amalgam fillings and decay.

Ideally we would tooth whiten first and then match fillings to the brighter shade of teeth, however his teeth were so decayed that we had to stabilise his mouth first with composite bonding before proceeding with tooth whitening.

He wanted a fast tooth whitening result so he chose the in-office tooth whitening system.  This involved placing a special tooth whitening gel on his teeth for an hour to immediately achieve a fantastic result.  Combined with the professional tooth whitening system at home this gave him a really confident smile.

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