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Tooth Whitening In Fleet

A client came to see us to help her improve her smile.  We discussed what it was that bothered her about her smile and she said she was very unhappy about the shade of her teeth.  She drank a large amount of black coffee daily as well as cups of tea.  She was very conscious about the colour to the point where she did not show her teeth when smiling.

We discussed the different options to freshen up her smile.  The least invasive way was professional tooth whitening.  There are essentially two different types of tooth whitening.  In- office tooth whitening and professional tooth whitening.

The in-office tooth whitening system involves placing a high concentrated gel on the teeth that immediately boosts the shade of your teeth in one hour.  Some systems need to use a light source which is sometimes called “Laser whitening”, other systems do not need to use this system and are chemically activated rather than light activated to achieve the same result.

The professional tooth whitening system involves placing the tooth whitening gel into custom made trays which are then worn for 40 minutes per day for 10-14 days.  Some professional systems require the trays to be worn over night.  The length of time required to be worn can depend on the concentration of the gel being used. 

When using the in-office system, it is common to combine it with the professional system as well.  If you want the fastest result use the In-office system, if you prefer to take a gentler pace then the professional kit is for you.

When tooth whitening you may experience sensitivity during the procedure.  If this happens this not permanent and normally lasts only for 24 hours.  Rubbing your teeth with a special tooth balm often helps in extreme cases of sensitivity.

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