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Crowns At A Dentist In Farnham

A new client came to see us today in Farnham having lost a front tooth.  On discussion with him he had previously had crowns on his two upper front teeth for twenty years and one of them had fallen out.  He had some quite extensive work on them as they had been root treated with posts also placed in them.  He had been wearing temporary crowns for quite some time and they kept falling out.  He was now fed up with the situation and wanted a permanent solution.

There are two main tooth coloured types of crowns.  Metal ceramic crowns and porcelain all-ceramic crowns.  Metal ceramic crowns are the traditional type of tooth coloured crowns.  They have been around for many years and is certainly a viable option.  The main down side to metal ceramic crowns are that they can look a little lifeless and the gum line round the edge of the crown can look bluish due to the metal work underneath.

The upgrade would be the porecelain all-ceramic crowns.  Again there are a number of types available, and each type is used in different situations.  If the underlying tooth is very dark and discoloured then a zirconia all-ceramic crown may be the best option.  If the tooth structure is not too dark then a pressed all-ceramic crown could be advised.  Both are extremely strong and give the best aesthetic results.  Your dentist will be able to advise you appropriately.

In this gentlemans case the posts were very dark so the options were either a metal-ceramic crown or a zirconia all-ceramic crown to give the best and strongest aesthetic option.

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