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Dental implants at your local dentist in Farnham

Gone are the days of having a gappy smile and missing teeth and having them replaced with dentures in Farnham. 

A client came to see us with two broken back teeth and wanted to know what his options were.  As the teeth were causing him pain, they were carefully removed as they were too broken down to attempt to restore.  Now that he was missing two back teeth his chewing ability had greatly reduced.  So we discussed options to replace his missing teeth in order from him to chew properly once again.

The available options to him were a removable partial denture, which he did not like the sound of; a fixed bridge which uses the teeth on either side of the gap to hold a false tooth fixed in place, the only down side being that you have to prepare the teeth adjacent to the gap in order to hold one tooth.  The final option was a dental implant.  This is like a  titanium root that is gentley placed into the jaw bone which then holds a tooth on top.  Dental implants have a fantastic success rate in the region of 98%.  They have become part of routine dental practice and only replace the tooth that is missing.  So there is no need to prepare teeth on either side of the gap.  The team at Time Dental includes a specialist Implant dentist who places all the implants, so there is no need to be refered elsewhere.  Dr Rashid our restorative dentist then places the crown onto the dental implant.

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