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Dental Implants In Farnham Surrey Cosmetic General

Having lost two teeth, a client came to see us in Farnham to discuss what options he had for replacing the missing teeth.  Removable options would be a denture which was not appealing to the patient for obvious reasons.  Fixed options were either having a bridge or having dental implants in place.

A bridge uses teeth on one or both sides of the gap for supporting a tooth which replaces the missing one.  If the missing tooth is one of the molars the supporting teeth often need to be prepared as if they were to be crowned.  Impressions are then taken of the prepared teeth and then sent to the laboratory.  A bespoke handcrafted bridge is then constructed in either metal ceramic or all-ceramic.

A dental implant simply replaces the tooth which is missing.  The teeth on either side of the gap are therefore untouched.  A dental implant is essentially a titanium root replacement.  Once the implant has been put into place, impressions of the implant using special impression abutments are taken and then sent to the lab for fabrication.  Implants have a fantastic succes rate of 98% and are now routinely placed at Time Dental.

The pateint opted for the dental implants which were carefully put into place.  There is now a period time for the implant to integrate with the surrounding tissues, and a crown will be placed on top very soon.

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