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Porcelain Crowns At A Dentist In Farnham Surrey Cosmetic

A client came to see us requesting to change old mercury fillings that she had since a child.  Mercury fillings a currently far less acceptable for dental fillings nowadays.  Firstly they contain mercury which is a toxic metal;  secondly the tooth has to be prepared more to keep the mercury filling in place; thirdly they look awful; fourthly they actually weaken your teeth over time as they expand and contract which results in hairline cracks appearing.  The tooth or the fillng will eventaully beak possibly leaving you in a dire situation for that tooth.

Fortunately there is a solution.  When a filling is very large, it leaves the tooth weak in sturucture.  Combine this with a mercury filling and your tooth is ready to break on you.  When replacing large fillings it is common to advise crowning the tooth to protect it.  A crown is best seen as a “bomb shelter”.  It protects the tooth from all sides and prevents the cusps from breaking as they are encased with in the crown. 

There are 2 main types of crowns.  Metal crowns and tooth coloured crowns.  The metal crowns are generally made of gold.  Gold is the best metal to have in your mouth as it is time proven and also creates an affective seal.  Most people prefer the tooth coloured types as it looks more natural.  There are two main tooth coloured types.  Metal-ceramic crowns and porcelain crowns.  Metal ceramic crowns are the traditional types however due to the metal underneath it can make the gum line look bluish.  The porcelain crowns are the strongest and most natural looking crowns.  There are a number of types of porcelain crowns, they can be made of zirconia, or a pressed ceramic.  The best thing to do is discuss your options with your dentist who will able to advise you appropriately.

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