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Tooth Decay And Teeth Whitening In Farnham

A client came to see us about his stained and discoloured teeth and was interested in options for whitening them.  He had been thinking about it for a while as he was getting very conscious of the dark colour of his teeth when smiling.  We discussed the two different teeth whitening options which are in-chair teeth whitening and Professional teeth whitening.  The difference being that in-chair teeth whitening is faster than the professional teeth whitening but the end result being generally the same level of whiteness.

However on assessing the health of his teeth before commencing with any type of teeth whitening, we found that he had multiple cavities at the gum line of many of his teeth.  The cavities were due to him having a very strong bite and the enamel chipping away at the gum line.  This left the softer dentine layer exposed and can result in very sensitive teeth- which he said happened every time he had a cold drink and also when tooth brushing.

Tooth whitening is not recommended when you have cavities or holes in the teeth.  The teeth will become incredibly sensitive if not taken care of first.  We decided to postpone the teeth whitening until we had stabilised the health of his teeth and gums first and then look at teeth whitening afterwards.

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