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Dentist Provides White Fillings For Patients In Fleet Hampshire

White composite fillings are now common restorative materials for fillings.  A patient came to Time Dental in Farnham, Surrey looking for a new dentist.  Having carried out a comprehensive examination the patient had a number of old mercury amalgam fillings that were failing.  The amalgam fillings were very rough on the edges, and there were also gaps between the tooth and the filling.  This allows bacteria to get under the fillings and result in decay reoccurring around them  You wont necessarily feel any symptoms from the tooth which is why its so important to attend for 6 monthly healthy mouth reviews at your dentist.  The old amalgam fillings were safely removed using a rubber dam to protect the patient.  After removing the decay, white composite filling was placed to restore it back to health.  White fillings bond to the tooth so can actually bring the strength of the tooth back.  Amalgam mercury fillings expand and contract and can cause cracks to occur in the tooth which may cause it to break.

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