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Cosmetic dentistry in Guildford

Why not give your confidence a boost at Time Dental in Farnham with a smilemakeover? If you live in Guildford you are only a short drive or train ride from the leading cosmetic dental practice in Farnham, Surrey.

An instant improvement for your smile can be achieved by the use of porcelain veneers. Porcelain laminate veneers can be used to correct many unsightly tooth conditions such as discoloured, chipped, mishapen, crooked, spaced short and uneven teeth.

Your first visit will be a consultation with the cosmetic dentist. This session is to gather all the information necessary to provide you with a fantastic smile. Photographs will be taken and sometimes a computer simulation can be carried out to see how your smile could look like. Impressions are also taken of your teeth which are sent to our master lab technician where they will provide a 3D preview of what your smilecould look like.

Once the 3D preview has been given your approval, the next session will be the preparation for your porcelain veneers. This is carried out under local anaesthetic so that it is completely comfortable for you. The teeth are recontoured to provide space for the laminate veneers. Once impressions are taken of your teeth we provide your trial smile using the 3D preview model. This allows you to test run your new smile so that you are completely happy with the look of your new smile. Our master ceramist will then fabricate your individual bespoke handcrafted porcelain veneers. Whether if its one veneer or mulitple veneers, each is a work of art by the ceramist.

The next visit is the bonding stage of your porcelain veneers. This is again normally carried out under anaesthetic for your complete comfort. Once they are bonded to your teeth they are very strong and if cared for correctly will last you many years and give you the confidence you have always wanted.

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