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Dental Care With Hygienist Near Alton Dentist

At Time Dental we always take the preventative approach to your dental health to ensure you have a healthy mouth.  That’s why we place a huge emphasis on Hygienist appointments.

Continuing care with you dental hygienist means that you will have the most up to date skills and techniques for your home care.  This means that your breath will be continuously fresh and gum disease is kept away.  Mandy our new hygienist at Time Dental is highly qualified for your dental hygiene care.  She has a particularly gentle approach and will ensure your maximum comfort for your visits.

Not only will you be given the best advice for your home care, Mandy will carefully remove all the plaque bacteria and tartar build up that happens on a regular basis and advise you the best approach for your specifec needs.  She will provide a tailor made Dental hygiene programme specifically for you to make sure your mouth stays healthy.

Did you know that there is a link between gum disease and heart disease?  If you have gum disease you’re at a higher risk for heart disease!  That’s where your dental hygiene and fresh breath appointments can really help.  Prevention is better than cure which is why regular sessions with your hygienist are so important.  They can catch the early signs of gum disease and help you get back on track for a healthy mouth.  If you also suffer from diabetes you’re also a high risk group for gum disease.  Some of the warning signs can be bad breath, bleeding gums, sensitivity and loose teeth.  You can even have gum disease when none of these warning signs are there!

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