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Invisalign Comes To A Practice Near Fleet Dentist Braces

A client came to see us recently wanting to improve his confidence when smiling.  His felt that his front teeth were not straight which he was becoming more self conscious about.  He wanted to know his options of what could be done to help him feel more confident especially since his work involved meeting lots of new people all the time.

He had a very deep bite where his top and bottom teeth overclosed considerably.  He also had gaps between his upper front teeth, and his lower front teeth were very uneven and crowded.

We discussed his options.  One option would be to provide dental veneers which would improve the position of his teeth by closing the gaps between them.  Dental veneers are a fantastic way of instantly improving the smile. The porcelain veneers are bespoke handcrafted restorations created by a master ceramist.

Another option would be to use braces to push the teeth into the correct position. The patient was not keen on the traditional type of train track braces as he would feel very self consious about them so we discussed the option of using Invisalign clear aligners. Invisalign uses a series of clear aligners that incrementaly move your teeth into the correct position. As they are clear they are virtually invisible which is a great advantage for an adult. Each aligner is worn for 2 weeks.

This option was perfect for our client and although the treatment time would take longer than having porcelain veneers. He was happy to proceed with Invisalign.

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