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Invisible Braces With Invisalign At Farnham Dentists

Time Dental have a number of adult patients who are very keen to improve their smiles.  One such patient had really been bothered by gaps which she has had for years and wanted to know what the options were for improving her smile.

One option could be to use porcelain veneers.  Porcelain veneers are a great way to have an instant result in improving your smile.  Veneers can also be used to correct discolouration, crowding, and uneven teeth.

Another option is to move the teeth into the correct position with braces.  Many people think of metal train tracks when you mention braces to them.  However there have been huge advances in technology and now with the use of clear aligners virtually invisible braces are now available at Time Dental in Farnham.  Perfect for adults!  Now you can have the smile you have always wanted without the worry of people knowing that you are having it done.

Invisalign uses advanced computer technology in the US to provide a 3D simulation of how your teeth will be moved into the correct position.  The clear aligners are then processed and sent back to your certified Invisalign dentist.  The clear aligners are changed every 2 weeks and incrementaly move the teeth into the desired position.

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