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Sedation And Pain-Free Dentistry Now At Farnborough Dentists

Many people are nervous about going to the dentist.  This is often due to the fear of pain triggered by a bad experience.  The public want pain-free dentistry with minimum stress levels.

The good news is this can now be achieved.  With improvements in local anaesthetic techniques there is now no longer a reason to have painful dentistry.  At Time Dental, topcial anaesthetic gel is first applied to the gum area.  This helps to numb the gum before any local anaesthetic is given.  The anaesthetic is then given very slowly.  This is the best way to help numb the teeth.  The slower that it is given the more comfortable it is.

Even the thought of local anaesthetic is hard for some people to manage.  If you are extremely nervous another option could be to have conscious sedation.  This is where a sedative is given either through a tablet form or intravenously.  Sedation helps you to relax and so reduce the anxiety when having dental treatment.  It is safe and becoming more routine as there is an understanding for a need for comfortable stress free dentistry.

Time Dental have a gentle approach to dentistry, helping you feel comfortable however nervous you may initially feel.

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