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Tooth Coloured Fillings At Aldershot Dentists

It’s becoming very common now to replace old mercury fillings for tooth coloured options.  Advances in dental technology have resulted in tooth coloured options being the better choice in terms of strength and aesthetics.

A client came to see us at Time Dental to see what his options were for replacing his old mercury amalgam fillings.  Amalgam fillings expand and contract over time and result in internal cracks occurring in the teeth.  This is a weak point and it is only a matter of time before the tooth will break or the filling will break.

When mercury fillings are small they are straight forward to replace by a skilled dentist safely and effectively.  Using white composite fillings are the best choice for small to medium sized fillings.  Nowadays small composite fillings can last just as long as amalgam fillings.

When amalgam fillings are large it is better to replace them with either an inlay or onlay.  These are lab made restorations and are much stronger than direct composite fillings.  They can also last over 15 years and give extra support and strength to a tooth that has already been weakened by mercury amalgam fillings.  They are tooth coloured and can be made of a high grade composite or ceramic.  The ceramic inlays are the strongest and will give you great longevity.

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