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Wisdom Teeth Problems At A Dentist Near Godalming

A client came to see us recently for his healthy mouth session with the hygienist. Although his dental health had improved since seeing the hygienist he was still brushing only once a day. He had a wisdom tooth in his top right side that was sticking out to the side and was also non-functioning- meaning that he had no opposite wisdom tooth so he was not using the upper wisdom tooth for chewing. As it was sticking out to the side, he was unable to keep it clean. Plaque bacteria was building up around the tooth and it was also causing the gums on the tooth in front to bleed and swell.

Healthy gums should not bleed. When you brush or floss properly there should be no blood at all. Bleeding gums mean that they are inflammed due to the gums reaction to the plaque bacteria. If this is left in place the bacteria hardens and becomes tartar. This acts like a coral reef of bacteria around the tooth. The plaque bacteria can then progress under the gum line and destroy the supporting bone around the tooth. This is called periodontitis. Eventually the tooth will fall out due to the lack of support from the surrounding bone.

The best way to prevent this from happening is to brush twice a dayand also clean interdentally (between the teeth). Visiting the hygienist regularly for a healthy mouth review is a great way to ensure your home care is at its best and to highlight any potenital problem areas. Early stages of gum disease which is called gingivitis can be stopped.

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