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Invisible Braces At Dentist Near Hampshire

A client came to see us yesterday unhappy about her smile.  She had jsut got married a few months ago, and when she looked back at her photos she noticed how crooked her top teeth were.  She did some research and wanted to know what the options were for invisible braces.

On assessing her mouth, she had quite significant overlapping, or crowding, of her top and bottom teeth.  Her her upper teeth were also twisted and rotated out of position which really bothered her.

We discussed her options.  One option was to have traditional train-track braces but using tooth coloured brackets.  This was an option she was still not willing to consider, especially when her main concern were just her top front teeth. 

An other option would be to use Invisalign the clear aligner system.  These are removable clear aligners which are virtually invisible.  Invisalign is a great system but like with all treatment options there are limitations.  Due to the severity of crowding her treatment could take 1-2 years of active treatment. 

A further option was using the Inman aligner.  This is an appliance which again is removable and is made of clear acrylic and can move teeth in a matter of weeks.  It works really fast due to the gentle constant pressure it applies to the teeth from coiled springs.  Discomfort is very minimal and normally lasts only a few days after first wearing the appliance.  It is designed to move only the front four incisors and so was another great option for her.

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