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Nervous Patients From Farnborough Treated By Caring Dentist

One of the top reason why 50% of the population do not see a dentist regularly is due to the fear of pain.  However one patient did not like to see the dentist because he had a very sensitive gag reflex and could only have treatment under sedation.

A gag reflex is a very important safety mechanism.  It can help to stop food/ foreign objects from choking you.  However some people have an overly sensitive reflex, so having dental treatment can be a very daunting prospect.

At Time Dental, Dr Rashid first discussed the concerns that this particular patient had.  He had also had a very bad experience in the past as a child which had really put him off seeing a dentist.  He felt he had a loss of control whenever he was in the dental chair.  The first steps to help him was to give him back the sense of control, and also guide him through gentle breathing excercises and techniques to help him control both his feelings of loss of control and his gag reflex.  This was all before he even sat in the dental chair.

A comprehenisve dental examination and consultation was carried out.  This is where his teeth, gums, tongue, tissues that line the mouth, chewing muscles and jaw joint were assessed for health.  X rays were also taken to assess the invisble health of the teeth.

Due to the particular apprehension of the patient a joint decision was made to carry out his dental treatment under conscious sedation.  This uses a sedative which helps to relax the patient.  Although the patient is completely awake through the treatment the sedative also provides excellent amnesic properties.

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