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Sensitive Teeth At Guildford Dentists Surrey

Cold weather can really bring out the sensitivity in your teeth.  If your gums have receeded even very slightly you can end up suffering from sensitivity.

Receeding gums can be caused be a number of reasons.  Common reasons can be due to existing periodontal or gum disease where the harmful bacteria in the mouth cause toxins that can damage the gum and supporting tissues.  Another reason for gum recession is aggressive tooth brushing.  The excess pressure on the gums from your tooth brush can actually wear away the gums.  Another reason could be due to a bad bite.  Heavy pressure on specific teeth casue the tooth to flex and can result in the tooth shattering at the gum line which can result in the gums receeding.

Any of these causes of gum recession can result in sensititvity to cold.  The dentinal tubules which run from the outside of the tooth to the nerve in the centre are open to the elements and changes in temperature or certain types of acidic foods can result in the classic sensitivity.

In the very early stages of gum recession a good tip to reduce the sensitivity is to rub a very small amount of Colgate pro-relief toothpaste onto the affected sensitive part of the tooth 3- 4 times a day.  This helps to block the dentinal tubules and therefore reduce the sensitivity.  Next see your dentist to help identfiy the cause of the sensitvity as you may have a more serious reason for the sensitivity such as a cracked tooth or active dental decay.

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