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Dental Implants For Patients Near Farnborough, Hampshire

Missing teeth and having gaps in your smile can have a real impact on your self esteem.  A new client came to see us at Time Dental with exactly that. 

He had porcelain crowns and bridges placed almost 10 years ago and a few months ago some of his back porcelain crowns started to come loose.  On further discussion with him he wanted a solution as his line of work meant that he was in public alot meeting new people and he wanted to smile with confidence.  He also told me that he previously had a diet of fizzy drinks and lots of sugary foods but only recently found out that it causes tooth decay around crowns.  This certainly explained why his porcelain crowns were falling out and why they had so much decay underneath them.

On examination we found that the decay was very extensive under his crowns and that they were unrestorable.  This meant that most of his remaining upper teeth were rotten and would have to be removed. We therefore  had to discuss different options to help him restore his mouth to give him a long term solution.

One option would be to provide immediate dentures.  Cosmetic dentures are very life like nowadays.  Individually tailored with fantastic aesthetics.  However these would have to be removed daily and cleaned.

Another option could be implant retained dentures.  This is where titanium roots are placed into the jaw which help to secure dentures in place.  Again this is a removable option but much more secure then normal cosmetic dentures.

A fixed option could be implant retained bridges.  This is where 4-6 implants are placed which hold a fixed bridge which looks and feels like normal teeth.  Dental implants have a 95% successful outcome and are an excellent choice for having fixed teeth again.

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