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Gentle Dentistry And Hygiene At Surrey Dentists

Many people are apprehensive about the dentists in the Surrey area and beyond.  One of the main reasons is fear.  Fear of pain, fear of the unkown, fear of not being in control.  That is completely understandable.  At Time Dental we know that for the majority of people, coming to the dentists is not their favourite thing to do.

One of the main factors is previous bad experiences.  That’s why we try to understand what that bad experience was and provide you with a positive experience to help you gain confidence at your Surrey dentists.

We use proven techniques to help reduce anxiety.  It may be a case of providing numbing gel before the anaesthetic is given; careful breathing and relaxation techniques to help calm you; soothing background music; watching a dvd for distraction techniques. 

Another option maybe to use IV sedation.  This is a great way of carrying out dental care while you are conscious of your surroundings but are completley relaxed.  The gentle dentistry approach.

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