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Porcelain Veneers At Alton Dentists, Hampshire

A client came to the practice the other day who had crowded teeth all her life.  She felt her front teeth protruded too far, they were overlapping and one of the front teeth was discoloured.  It had got to the point where she always covered her mouth when she smiled and was very conscious of the discoloured tooth.

We talked about her options. One option was to move the teeth into the correct position either with traditional train-track braces, or the advanced Invisalign clear aligners which are virtually invisible, or the Inman aligner which can move the teeth in a matter of weeks.  The teeth would be straight but this would still leave the issue of the discoloured teeth.

After straightening them she could whiten them using a professional tooth whitening system.  Another option could be to veneer the teeth.  A porcelain veneer is a handcrafted bespoke porcelain laminate that is bonded onto each individual tooth.  It’s a fantastic option if you want to correct crowding, uneven and discoloured teeth.

The treatment can be completed in two visits for instant results.  The first session would be preparation of the teeth.  Impressions are then taken and sent to the master dental ceramist.  In the mean time you will be provided with provisonal veneers that allow you to trial your smile.  Once you are happy with the look and shape of them the final porcelain veneers are fitted completing your smile.

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