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Straight Teeth With Invisalign Or Inman Aligner At Fleet Dentists

A client came to see us who was unhappy with her smile.  She didnt like the way her upper front teeth were protruding which made her look goofy.  She had braces as a teenager and said they used to be straight, but over the last few years her teeth had moved and there was mild crowding in her top teeth.  She wanted to know what her options were to improve her smile and make them straight.

One option is orthodontic braces.  These are traditional train track braces that use brackets attached to the teeth.  The brackets can be metal or tooth coloured.  They can run on the outside as well as the inside of your teeth.  The treatment can be expensive and can take 12-24 months depending on how much movement needs to be made.  As our client had already gone through 2 years of braces, she was not keen on going through it all over again.

A second option is the invisible braces called Invisalign clear aligners.  As the name states these are virtually invisible clear aligners that incrementally move your teeth by changing the aligners every 2 weeks.  A great way of straightening your teeth without people knowing that you are doing it.  As they are removable you can also eat whatever you like and also clean your teeth properly during treatment which helps keep your gums healthy.  The treatment time can be anything between 8-24 months depending on what movements need to be achieved.

A third option is the Inman aligner.  This is a fantastic brace that that can move your teeth in a matter of 8-14 weeks.  It uses a spring system that gently squeezes your teeth into a straight position.  It is only designed to straighten your front four upper or lower incisors and as it is removable you can still eat whatever food you like, but more importantly still keep your gums healthy and teeth healthy.

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