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Dental Implants At Dentist Near Alton, Hampshire

A client came to see us at Time Dental looking to smile with confidence.  She had previously been seeing a dentist in London but the dentist had retired and she was now looking for a new dentist to help her with her confidence.  She had dental bridges placed sometime ago which she was very happy about but recently they had begun to move.  She was aware that her mouth was in a poor condition and that she would need a lot of help to achieve dental fitness.

On assessing her mouth she had three large spanning bridges in her top teeth; her back lower teeth were missing; and her remaining lower front teeth were very mobile.  The teeth that were supporting the upper bridges had significant bone loss and were very mobile.  All her teeth had a very poor prognosis  and she wanted a long term solution to her dental health.

Her x rays showed that her teeth had lost a lot of boney support and the only option for them was to extract them.  In order to restore her mouth we discussed new options.

The gold standard and most predictable fixed option would be to place dental implants in the top and bottom jaws and provide fixed bridges.  This would achieve a great aesthetic result. Dental implants are titanium roots that are placed into the jaw.  They have a success rate of 95% and are excellent fixed option.

Another option would be to provide implant retained dentures.  This is where implants are placed into the top and bottom jaws and dentures are attached to the implants to help provide retention.  Cosmetic dentures nowadays look extremely life like and are very hard to tell apart from real teeth.

The third option is to provide upper and lower dentures.  These are supported  by the gums and are a satisfactory removable option.

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