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Loose Porcelain crown at dentist near Fleet

A very nervous patient came to Time Dental having eaten an apple which caused her front porcelain crown to become loose.  She had a bad experience at a dentist 3 years ago where she had a tooth extracted and she was still in discomfort during the procedure.  That’s enough to put anyone off going to see the dentist, so it was understandable that she was apprehensive this time round.

After assessing the porcelain crown, the x ray showed that the crown also had a post in it.  A number of years ago a horse had hit her in the face which resulted in the tooth breaking.  The tooth had to be root canal treated and as there was not enough tooth left, a post was fitted with a porcelain crown that covered the post.  Post crowns are very vulnerable to hard foods as the sharp hard pressure can result in the tooth snapping by the tip of the post.  This is what happened in this case.  Part of the tooth was still attached to the crown.

When a tooth breaks with an oblique fracture under the gum line the outlook is not good.  The tooth often needs to be extracted.  The good news is that it can be replaced by either a dental implant or a fixed bridge.

A dental implant is a titanium root that is inserted into the jaw. Our specialist implant dentist at Time Dental, Farnham can even in certain cases place an implant the same time an extraction is carried out.  A temporary bridge or denture is placed while the site heals.  In certain cases the temporary crown can be placed immediately onto the implant.  So you would leave smiling and no one would know that you have an implant in place.

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