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Adult Orthodontics For Straight Teeth At Dentist Near Farnborough, Hampshire

A patient came to see us at Time dental wanting to discuss her options for straightening her teeth with adult orthodontics. She was unhappy with her overlapping upper and lower front teeth and wanted to know how she could improve her smile.

Orthodontics is the movement of teeth.  There are many different appliances that are used in adult orthodontics.  When you mention orthodontics to people they usually think of teenagers and train tracks.  Things have moved on!

At Time Dental we offer teeth straightening with a difference.  Now you can straighten your teeth with Invisalign the invisible clear aligner system.  This sysytem uses a series of clear aligners that incrementally move your teeth.  You change your clear aligners every 2 weeks.  The great advantage of Invisalign is that it is virtually invisible.  No one need know that you have braces!  The other advantage is that as they are removable you can eat your normal food.  No more food getting stuck between braces.  You can also clean your teeth normally which helps to keep your gums in a healthy condition.

Invisalign treatment with invisible braces can take 8-18 months depending on the amount of movement needed to achieve the desired result.  Dr Rashid at Time Dental is a certified Invisalign clear aligner provider.  As well as providing invisalign for  the Farnborough area, Time Dental can treat patients from the surrounding areas of Surrey, Hampshire and Berskshire such as Fleet, Godalming, and Alton.

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