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Dental Phobic And Nervous About Dentists In Fleet, Hampshire

A patient came to Time Dental who was very nervous about having dental treatment.  She described herself as being dental phobic.  She had a bad experience as a child and since then she has never been able to have treatment done while being compeltely aware of what is going on around her.

This is not an uncommon story.  A huge percentage of the population do not go to for their 6 month dental health checks due to fear. Often it is due to an experience as a child.  Who could blame them?  You wouldn’t want to go somewhere where you’ve had a history of an unpleasant experience?

Now this is where Time Denal can help.  We can provide consicious IV sedation.  This is when a medication is given to you intravenously which helps you to relax.  You are compeltely awake during the treatment but you often cannot recollect the treatment.  An excellent option for people who have severe phobias of dentists.

What this means is that you can still have the treatment to keep your mouth helathy and in good shape without the worry.  This compeltely take the fear out of coming to the dentist.  This means at Time Dental we can get your mouth quickly into good health and then back on a regular healthy mouth programme.

Time Dental provides the IV sedation service for patients in the Fleet, Alton Farnham, Winchester, Guildford and Farnborough area, as well as the areas in Surrey, Hampshire, West Sussex and Berrkshire.  Call us to see how we can help yo on 01252 723 008. Time Dental- Private dental care at it’s best

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