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Tooth Decay Causing Broken Tooth At Dentist Near Aldershot, Hampshire

A patient came to Time Dental having broken a tooth and she wanted to know what the options were for replacing it.  On discussion she had a regular diet of sticky hard sweets.  Strawberry bonbons were her favourite.  Sitcky hard foods are a nightmare for your teeth.  They can regularly break yur teeth as they are very hard.  Once they become soft and chewy they have a suction effect on your teeth and can pull off fillings and crowns.  The third thing is that they are loaded with sugar which will result in tooth decay.  All in all not a good idea to eat them!

The tooth that had broken due to the sweet had completely broken at the gum line and the root of the toth was left.  Unfortunately there is no way in saving the remainder of this tooth so it will have to be removed.  However ther are excellent fixed options to place a tooth in the gap.

One option is a dental implant.  An implant is a titanium root that replaces the missing root of your tooth.  It then holds a crown which is attached via an abutment which fits into the dental implant.  Imaplnts have 95% success rates and are an excellent choice for gaps in the mouth.  This will help to restore your function of your mouth and allow you to chew confidently again.

Another option is a dental bridge.  This uses teeth on either side of the gap for support.  The teeth on either side are prepared and impressions are then taken of the prepared teeth.  This is sent to our master ceramist where they provide a bespoke handcrafted bridge that is tooth coloured and which is very strong.  Another great choice for replacing missing teeth.

Time Dental services many patients from Aldershot as well as Fleet, Farnborough, Winchester, Alton and Guildford, and the surrounding areas in Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire and West Sussex.

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