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Confident Smiles: Straight Teeth For Adults At Dentist Alton

A patient came to see us who had crooked upper teeth.  She had always disliked her smile and tried not to show her teeth when she did smile.  She saw our A board advert for straight teeth for adults and decided to pop in for a complimentary consultation to discuss her options.

We discussed the invisible braces options as she was keen on not having to have her teeth prepared for veneers.  One option was to use clear aligners to straighten her teeth.  This uses a series of virtually invisible aligners that are changed every 2 weeks.  The teeth are incrementally moved into position with each aligner.  Treatment time can take anything form 8-24 months depending on what movements need to be achieved.

Another option was the Inman aligner.  This is a revolutionary removable orthodontic appliance for adults who want straight teeth.  It uses special springs to squeeze the teeth gently into position.  As the pressure is gentle there is very little discomfort and the teeth can be moved in 8-16 weeks!  Perfect for adults who want to straighten their teeth fast.  Once the teeth are straightened we advised her to carry out composite bonding on to the edges of one of her teeth.  This was because this particualr tooth was very worn on the corner and by composite bonding restores her mouth to a great smile.

Invisible braces for adults is a service that is provided by Time Dental for patients in the Alton area as well as the surrounding towns in Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire and West sussex.

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