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Cosmetic Dentures At Surrey Dentist In Farnham

Dentures are not what they used to be.  Now you can have cosmetic dentures that mimic the look of natural teeth so that you can have a confident smile.

A patient came to Time Dental in Farnham, Surrey looking for help to smile confidently.  He had neglected his dental health and only attended when he was in pain.  This had led to a patch up style dentistry and was not beneficial for his overall dental health.  He had a very bad experience as a child and now he was in his mid seventies and was still apprehensive about dental care.  He had finally decided to explore comprehensive dental care and was looking for a dentist that would provide cosmetic dentistry as well as helping him keep his  mouth healthy.

On assessing his mouth the majority of his remaining teeth had severe gum disease and decay.  This had resulted in hiss teeth becoming very loose and gums sore and bleeding.  When gum disease and dental decay has taken hold to this extent there would be no option but to remove the teeth.  Fortunately this did not mean that he would be left with a gummy smile.  Immediate cosmetic dentures can provisionally provide a confident smile and allow him to chew without being in discomfort.  Once healing of the gums had taken place, the options could be to provide a fixed bridge with dental implants, a cosmetic denture retained by dental implants or a new set of stable dentures.

Time Dental provides this service to patients in Surrey as well as surrounding areas of Hampshire, West sussex, and Berkshire.

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