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Orthodontic Braces For Adults At Dentist In Farnham, Surrey

Adults are opting for straight teeth for a confident smile.  Metal train track braces may still be for teenagers but there are a number of different invisible braces options for adults.

A patient came to Time Dental in Farnham, Surrey looking for options to straighten her teeth.  She was in her late thirties and had one upper tooth out of alignment since a child.  She had heard about adult braces and wanted to know what could be done to help her.  She was now very self conscious of her smile.

One option to straighten her teeth would be to use tooth coloured fixed braces.  Due to them being the same colour as your teeth they are quite discreet. If having fixed brackets is still not what you want Invisalign clear aligners may be your answer.  They are removable adult braces and are virtually invisible and can help you straighten your crooked smile to give you more confidence.  As they are removable you can still eat the foods you enjoy and keep your gums healthy as you can easily clean in between your teeth.  A further option could be the Inman aligner which can straighten your teeth in a matter of weeks.  This is also a removable orthodontic brace that moves your front upper or lower teeth by using gentle pressure form special springs.

Time Dental provides this orthodontic adult braces service in Farnham as well as other areas in Surrey, Hampshire, West Sussex and Berkshire.

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