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Top tips on removing Invisalign aligners from dentist in Farnham

Invisalign is a great product, but to remove the first few sets of aligners can be very difficult, especially when you have lots of attachments.  Try these tips to help.

1. Always start at the back molars and work your way forward.

2. Don’t open your mouth wide to reach the back molars.  Just open slightly to get your finger to the back edge, you’ll find you have much more room for getting back there.

3.  Change each set of new aligners at night.  This helps in two ways. Firstly the most uncomfortable time is when first changing to a new aligner, by doing this at night you can sleep through the discomfort. Secondly it allows your teeth to move in the brace while you are asleep thereby making it easier to remove first thing in the morning.  If you have changed them in the daytime, simply waiting 1-2 hours before removing them makes a huge difference.

4.  Aligners are easier to remove when your mouth is warm.  Drinking cold water before trying to remove the aligners makes it harder.  But make sure you do not drink hot drinks and then try to remove the aligners as you will distort the aligner.

5.  Try using a paper towel around the fingers.  The paper towel allows more grip on the aligners and also dries the aligners slightly to help with gripping.

6.  Try surgical gloves.  Again this allows much more grip.  Using domestic household gloves will be too thick .

7.  “Aligner Outies”.  These are special hooks that allow ease of aligner removal.  You start at the back of the mouth and again work your way to the front. Your Invisalign provider may give you one.  If they don’t they are readily available online.

8. Don’t panic.  This is easy to say, harder to do. You will be able to get them out.  The more stressed you get the harder it becomes.  Just take a 10 minute break and try again.

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