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Cosmetic Dentist For Tooth Whitening Farnborough, Hampshire

Cosmetic dentistry can range from tooth whitening, cosmetic recontouring, smile makeover with veneers, as well as composite bonding.

A patient at Time Dental near Farnborough in Hampshire had just finished a course of orthodontic adult braces.  The gaps between her upper and lower teeth had been closed and they were in a straight position.  However now that they were straight, she noticed that the teeth were very discoloured and the edges of the teeth were uneven.

We discussed her options for brightening her smile with tooth whitening.  One option is the in-office tooth whitening system.  This is where a high concentrated tooth whitening gel is painted onto the teeth and can whiten the teeth in an hour.  Another option is the professional tooth whitening at-home kit.  This is where special custom fit tooth whitening trays are made and the tooth whitening gel is then placed into the trays and worn for 1 hour for 10 – 14 days.  This method of tooth whitening is much more gentle than the in- office system as it is a lower concentration of gel.  If opting for the in-office system, we tend to recommend a couple of days of the at-home tooth whitening gel on top to help stabilise the in-office procedure.

Time Dental provides this service for patients in Farnborough as well as the surrounding areas in Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, and West sussex.

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