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Whiter Teeth For Confidence At Dentist Near Camberley, Surrey

Lack of confidence when smiling can have a major impact of your social as well as work life.  Professional tooth whitening is a simple way to brighten your smile and give you that confidence.

A patient came to Time Dental near Camberley in Surrey looking to improve his smile.  He worked in a job where he was in talking to potential new customers for hsi business and he was very aware of his discoloured teeth.

We discussed his options which were professional tooth whitening as the first step.  This is where a special tooth whitening gel is placed in custom fit whitening trays and put into the mouth for 45 minutes.   This process is repeated daily for 10- 14 days.  This is a great way to make a big impact for your confidence.  Its easy to do and is completely safe.  You must get your dental health checked before starting a course of professional tooth whitening.

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