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Whiter Teeth With Tooth Whitening Gel At Dentist Near Alton

Tooth whitening is a safe cosmetic dental procedure that can help you to have a brighter fresher smile and give you more confidence.

Time Dental near Alton in Hampshire provides this tooth whitening service for many of their patients.  There are two main types.  In-office tooth whitening and professional tooth whitening at-home.  The end result is essentially the same but the speed for the In-office tooth whitening is much faster.  This is because a high concentration of the tooth whitening gel is placed on the teeth that can whiten your teeth by a few shades in under and hour!  The professional teeth whitening gel for at-home is much more gentle.  Tooth whitening gel is placed into the custom fit whitening trays which is then put into the mouth for less than 1 hour.  This process is repeated once a day for 10-14 days.  An easy way to make a big impact and gain more confidence.

Time Dental provides this service to patients in the Alton area as well as other towns in Hampshire, Surrey, West sussex and Berkshire.

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