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Dad’s Can Influence The Impact Of Dental Fear To Their Kids

A study from the University of Madrid  supports previous findings that fear levels among fathers, mothers and children are interlinked.

The new study highlights the important role that parents, especially fathers, play in the transmission of dental fear in the family.  Researchers analysed 183 children aged 7 to 12.  The study suggests that transmission of fear from mother to child can be  influenced be the reaction that the father displays when going to the dentist.

The implications of these results suggest a need for educating the parents especially the dads in prevention of dental fear and also that dads need to “man up” when going to see the dentist and not show signs of anxiety. Better still find an empathetic dentist who understands their dental anxiety and can help to reduce it which in turn would help the children by seeing a more relaxed dad at the dentists.

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